We have expanded our offerings to include 3D Spheres and Playground Characters to increase Sensory Play.


  • made from EPDM and Recycled rubber they can be installed in most surfaces  to create 3D shapes for visual interest. 
  • Available in 20 striking colors adding beauty and imagination to your play space.

Sensory Play

Bring engaging sensory experiences onto the playground that promotes exploration and discovery! 

Our brightly colored and inviting spheres invigorate the senses of touch and sight while  challenging the mind.

This type of play is a lot of fun for children and nurtures creativity!




Characters take 6 to 10 weeks for delivery

Check our Character section for more fun Animals .

Contact us for price and delivery time.


Adam Eneas


 " We  had Kelowna Safety Surfacing Inc surface our 18 year old walkway. What an improvement.  We are very satisfied with the workmanship and follow up. Thank you for  your work. "

Elizabeth Setterstorm


 " I had this done at my home, we had a tripping hazard at the entrance to our rental suite, this product not only fixes the tripping hazard but it  looks beautiful  Our tenant's entrance is safe now and we have a piece of mind in knowing there is no more trip hazards. Great stuff! "

Affordable Housing Accessible Ramp


On this project we had to do a 3rd party slip coefficient test in order to be  allowed to bid the project.   The product not only  passed, but it was 30 points higher than any other product that was tested for the application.  

Testimonial from Sue Finn




The work was completed within two days and it made an amazing transformation from an ugly broken up concrete mess, to a beautiful flat and smooth walkway. The curb appeal to our home has increased considerably due to this product and the professional way in which it was applied.

I would recommend this product to anyone who has an unsightly area that needs to been cleaned up or smoothed out. It is also very nice to walk on and absorbs water so there are never any unsightly puddles or water marks left on the walkway. It hoses down very nicely should you have to remove leaves or debris.

The crew who poured the product were professional, timely and courteous during the installation. This appears to be an excellent product and we are very pleased to have found this on line. Thanks kindly.

Susan Finn

Vernon, b.c. 

Reference letter in Playground section

Glenmore Elementary had an existing playground that had pea-gravel for the safety surfacing. The pro


See Reference letter in playground section

~ Sarah Bendall, PAC President



Our DIY program now allow Residential clients to do their own small projects.  

We offer both a Black recycled Kit and a colored Kit to better meet your needs.

Go to the DIY section to see more.

About us



Kelowna Safety Surfacing is a pour in place rubber product installation company that prides itself on its quality and workmanship.  We can apply our product over most surfaces.  Contact us to see if it's right for your project.



Are you tired of having the worst driveway in your Neighborhood?  

Selling your House?  

 We can help with the curb appeal! 

Advanced Graphics


All of our installers are factory trained, a few of them have advanced their graphic skills to be some of the best graphics installers in the Country.  We offer two levels of graphics for playgrounds ,  a basic package that would be included in the playground install, then an advanced level for that  client that wants to get more elaborate with detailed Logos or Emblems.

Facts about our Products

Installation Time

One of the critical points about living in the Okanagan is that get warm and we all love the heat, but the mix sets up rather quickly in the heat.  So, we use a heat rated binding agent this allow for us to work the individual batch a bit longer.

Striking Colors

 EPDM  Surfacing is available in  66 striking colors.   We can blend any number of these colors to create for you a custom  color scheme that is specific to you, we can also incorporate you own logo or designs into your patio or pool deck.

Environmentally Friendly

If you are looking for a surfacing option made from recycled materials, you’ll be pleased to know the our Driveway material and or our EPDM base layer for playgrounds is made from recycled tires.  

When topped our  playgrounds material will result in a surface with a recycled content of between 75- 85%. 

Easy Maintance

EPDM surfacing is a durable, solid surface that cleans easily with a pressure washer equipped with a fan-shaped tip.  The clean up process is the same for all types of  Pour in Place Rubber installations. 

Ask about our Regrind program.

If you have an old existing playground in pour-in-place or rubber tiles  and it's time for a new one, we can regrind your old existing surface and reuse it in the base layer.   

Warranties & Maintenance Program

We have the best warranty and maintenance program in the playground industry.  Contact us for more information on it. 

Ask about our 10 year Patch & Repair  program

Ask about our Top coat roll program

Ask about our Impact testing program

Ask about our Commercial warranty program

Ask about our Residential warranty program


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